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Catskill Foie Gras Collective Plans to Fight Court Dismissal of its Challenge to California Foie Gras Ban

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Farmers Will Appeal Latest Ruling on Constitutional Claims

Sullivan County, NY. — January 15, 2020 — The Catskill Foie Gras Collective, a consortium of duck farms in Sullivan County, NY and Canada announced plans to fight yesterday’s Court dismissal of their challenge against California’s Foie Gras Ban.

“This fight is not merely about foie gras, this is about our liberty to choose what we eat and for duck farmers like myself, it is also about our right to make a living, said Sergio Saravia, President of La Belle Farms. “We will keep fighting to dispel all the misperceptions about our farming practices and to uphold our rights as farmers and also uphold the rights of consumers in terms of their food choice.”

Foie gras was first banned in California in 2012. In 2015 the federal court ruled that the California foie gras ban was unconstitutional based on a provision in a federal statute that prohibits states from imposing additional or different requirements on the ingredients in poultry products. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed the decision but the district court’s injunction against enforcement of the ban remained in place until January of this year when the Supreme Court declined to hear the case. The case then returned to the district court, where it will continue to move forward.

Farmers will appeal this latest ruling but, in the meantime, they continue to look forward to having their day in court — and to prove the facts that will establish once and for all that the California ban is invalid and unconstitutional.

Chef Sean Chaney, co-owner of Southbay Restaurant and one of the plaintiffs of the original suit in 2012 said “California has no business telling people what wholesome meat and poultry products they can and cannot buy. This is America, not some totalitarian regime.”